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                 My Philosophy
By using the universal energies I am able to connect with my clients to assist them on a mental, physical and spiritual level.


Welcome to Healing The Spirit


About Me

 There’s a saying that goes “When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.” My spiritual and healing journey began during an uncertain time in my life.  Going through an abusive marriage/divorce to seeing my brother-in-law fight his prostate cancer made me wonder what I can offer others who may be going through hard and uncertain times.  Seeing and witnessing his and my sister’s strength to find means other than modern medicine, lead me to seek out my soul’s calling even deeper.  

     I was guided to find a Reiki Master.  From there, I started on my spiritual journey.  Years later, I relocated to my home town and got a job as a caregiver.  What better way to spread out my expanding compassion for others, especially those who have special needs: disabled young adults and seniors who wanted to stay at home and receive extra help.  As time moved on, I wanted to give more.  I knew my soul was calling me to reach out further. Soon I began to heal and feel more and more at home.  Now I can lovingly say that I’ve found my path in life.

   I am a Holistic Energy healer who is passionate in what I do.  Throughout my life I have seen miracles happen all around me.  They are always finding a way in.  My hope for my clients is to be able to help guide them towards healing and to become their authentic self. To help guide them to  make their ideal life become a reality. 

   It all begins by healing within. This allows their inner healing to flow into their outer world.  This is where change starts. 


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Marble Surface

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"



My Services

Animal Healing


Animals are our fur babies and are a part of the

family.  When they get sick, we care for them.

I am a pet owner and compassionate about all

animals and can help with getting them back to health using the same holistic healing techniques that are used on people.


Quantum Touch Healing


Have you been in pain lately and you can't understand why or how to put an end to the pain?  With Quantum touch healing I can find and heal the root to your pain.

Time Line Therapy and EMI

EMI(Eye Movement Integration): 

The treatment of trauma, panic attacks, grief and depression.  It is a neuropsychological approach to trauma resolution.  EMI helps one access and activate one's intrinsic healing process.

Time-Line Therapy

Time-Line Therapy was developed by Tad James.  It involves treatment at an unconscious level and allows a client to surrender negative emotions linked to past experiences and transform their internal programming.  A person's Time Line represents their mental photo album and their own ability to distinguish between images of the past and perceptions of the future. The internal programming is often the mechanism that is responsible for our outward expressions of emotions.




Are you looking for other ways to heal without having to take a lot of drugs.  Here you can  request a free 10 minute consultation to where I can take a quick look to see how I best can help you on your journey.


Refer a friend!  Help a friend or family member to who can benefit and earn 50% off of your next session.


What My Clients are Saying

Healing Sessions



Anna is a very gifted healer and a great person.  When I wasn't feeling very well and depressed, I contacted her for a healing session.  It was incredible to how deeply she could see within.  She was able to identify the real cause and work with it.  As she was working on me, I began to feel the healing happen right away.  She is amazing.  I highly recommend her.

~Rita M.   


Physical and Emotional Health

Working with Anna has changed my life.  When we first met, we connected almost instantly.  Anna has helped me with physical issues, like swelling in my knees.  Her Reiki (over zoom) was amazing!  She also helped me with some things she found on the soul level.  She helped me understand things from other lifetimes using her intuitive skills to give me information and powerful healing as well.  Anna is very easy to work with.  Even if the issue in our session has been serious,I've sometimes found myself laughing with her!  She is a genuine, caring and talented practitioner.  I highly recommend her.

~Liz O.  Massachusetts 

Safe Place

Anna is a talented healer.  She can quickly see the underlying contributor to an issue, delivers the key messages needed to heal and move yourself forward and provides a safe space to explore and unravel what's really going on.

~S.L  Canada 


NLP and Healing

I just like to take a moment to thank Anna for the energy healing sessions. With so much change and having too much going on. Anxiety had taken a toll on me.  That's when I had to seek her out for help.  I felt that I had healed quite a bit from her that day.  Anna is kind and generous with her gifts and talents.  She listened intently as I spoke.  She knew right away what I needed and jumped right into it.  After just a few sessions I was feeling much better and could see things a lot more clearly.  I would highly recommend Anna for whatever maybe ailing you.

~Denise S  NY

Quantum Healing

Anna is a gifted energy healer.  She can intuitively identify where the body needs healing.  The quantum healing technique that she uses brought great relief to my back and neck issues.  If you are looking to releasing physical pain that you have been carrying for quite sometime, but have not yet found relief, reach out to Anna.  Your body will thank you!

~ Tina

Marble Surface

I’m a caring Holistic Healer specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services that address the root causes and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. Contact me to find out more about how I can help you.

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