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  My past success stories

                       Reiki Healing

    I had an ill friend who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Even though she was ill, she travelled to California from Texas to visit.  During her stay she had some hard days; she wasn't feeling well and her body temperature irregular.  I asked her to lie down and close her eyes and pay attention to her breathing.  As she was laying there, I placed my hands above her, not really knowing what to expect.  As I ran my hands down her body, I sensed an injury to her leg.  When I told her this, she said she had fallen but didn't want to tell me.  When I moved up further to her head, my hands became cold, then warm.  I worked on her several times that week. After finishing with her, she told me that her body was back to its regulated temperature and she feels normal. She wasn't stiff any more.  

    At the end of the week, she returned home.  She had an appointment with her doctor.  When I asked her what the doctor said he told her that there was no sign of the tumor and it was completely gone.   

                Quantum Healing

    I was working with a classmate who experienced back pain that prevented her from doing the things she loved to do.  As I began working on her, I picked up the word "Trauma".  I then asked her if something had happened to her back and she said, "Yes, I was in a car accident years ago and hurt my back."  As I scanned her body further in that area of her back, I noticed that the nape of her neck down wasn't straight.  It was out of alignment.  So I took my hands and focused on that area of her back and within moments I was able to to help move that vertebrae back into alignment.  I had spoken to her the next day to check in on her and she was so excited!  She said that now she could do the things that she used to do and was pain free!

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